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Pilates for Toning, Tightening and Sculpting Your Body at
Our Cartersville Gym

Lots of members come into Ladies Fitness and Health Club in Cartersville with every intention of improving their fitness levels and toning their bodies. They spend ages working out on cardio machines, but they don’t always see the results they want.

What many may not realize is that Pilates offers an ideal way to tone, tighten and sculpt the body, too. Our Cartersville gym offers Pilates classes that are led by experienced instructors who guide members through a series of exercises for a whole-body workout.

Pilates uses a range of different poses, movements, and exercises inspired by calisthenics, yoga, and ballet.  Each Pilates class incorporates exercises that can improve flexibility and mobility, build muscle strength and enhance muscle tone, boost core strength and balance.

If you’re keen to see real results for your workout efforts, why not include a Pilates class in your workout routine and see the effects for yourself? Come into our Cartersville health club and try out a Pilates class for free!