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Get Your Heartrate Pumping with Group Cycling at
Gym in Cartersville

Ladies Fitness and Health Club in Cartersville gives you all the equipment and facilities you need to boost your fitness levels, including plenty of stationary cycles. Cycling is the ideal low impact cardio exercise, as it gets your heartrate pumping without putting unnecessary strain or stress on joints.

When you come into our Cartersville gym, you have the option of doing your cycling workout at your own pace, or you can join a group cycling class.

Cycling group classes are led by experienced instructors who encourage you to pedal your way over hills, to climb mountains, chase the pack in a cycling sprint, or spin your way to burning calories — all while riding in time to motivating music in an inspiring group environment.

As you ride you’re building muscle tone in your lower body and burning calories at the same time.

If you’re ready to get your heartrate pumping and push your cardio workout to the next level, come into the best gym in Cartersville and join in with one of our group cycle rides.